Dub Trees - Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her 1999
Original Release Date: November 30, 1999
Label: Liquid Sound
Copyright: 2000 Dragonfly Records
Total Length: 1:12:36
Genres: Dance & DJ/General, International/Reggae, Dance & DJ/Electronica


1. Buffalo (Utterly incredible too long ago sometimes mix)
  2. Cobalt Waterfall (Opalescent dawn mix)
  3. A Way Of Being Free (are you sitting comfortably very smooth)
  4. Butterfly Trilogy I, II & III (Technicolour sun)  
  5. La Rosa (Live While You Live)
  6. Orpheus (Urban Primitive Dub Mix)
  7. Magnetica (The Love That Moves The Sun And Stars Mix)
  8. Dreamlab (Telescopic Dub Mix)
  9. Concrete Tourist (Chalice Dub Mix)
 10. Freaks Of Nature (Natural Dub Mix)
 11. Return Of The Native (Duir the Oak Dub)

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